New Features.

  • Revamped User Interface - The Valence 6 Portal has a streamlined UI that makes it easier to scroll through and launch apps, including an easy-on-the-eyes Dark Mode display

  • Improved Active Sessions App - In addition to seeing who is logged in to the Portal, you can now see which specific apps your users are running in real time

  • Multi-Select Combo Box Filters - Your NAB apps can now include drop-down filters where users can select multiple values

  • New Edit Grid Widget Options - Users can now update cells or rows directly in the grid, rather than through a pop-up window

  • Startup Actions - Apps can automatically initiate specific behavior actions upon the launch of an application

  • JSON Publishing Support - Incorporate SQL functions such as JSON_TABLE into your data sources

  • In-App Variables - Store and retrieve global variables within the app, accessible/maintainable from both the back-end RPG and the front-end

  • Form Widget Refinements - Now supports varying font size, bold/italics and other HTML markup

  • SQL Autocomplete - Auto-complete and SQL snippet support has been added to the Data Source editor

  • Data Source Replacement Values - Allows for direct string replacement inside SQL statements based off filter values selected by the user

  • Revamped Errors app - Quickly view and filter exception messages logged in the instance

  • 5250 Keyboard Mapping - Users can now map host function keys such as Field Exit, Enter, End of Field, etc. in the Fusion5250 app

  • New RPG Toolkit Procedures - vvOut_success, vvIn_exists and several new vvUtility functions have been added

See Valence 6 in Action.

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valence 6
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